Henricus Historical Park

251 Henricus Park Rd.
Chester, VA 23836


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Henricus Historical Park, located near Richmond, Virginia on the historic James River, is a living history museum consisting of fifteen re-created buildings of the 17th century Colonial “Citie” of Henricus and six structures in the Powhatan Indian village of Arrohateck. The Park also contains indoor classroom space.

Started in 1611 by settlers from Jamestown, the Citie of Henricus was to have become the new capital of the Virginia Colony. The Park commemorates the earliest beginnings of the “American experience” through costumed interpretation and hands-on interactive programs for school children grades Pre-K – 12. Multi-curricular programs mix the history and the social sciences with STEM Education and literature to provide an understanding of the earliest beginnings of American government, economics and cultural interaction.

School programs include grade-level-appropriate activities emphasizing the physical and cultural life of the Indians and of the English Colonials. Activities covering the use of natural resources and how both the Indians and the English met their four needs are provided to the elementary grade levels. Tobacco economics, trade, cultures in contact, government and the contributions of famous early historic figures such as Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan, Sir Thomas Dale and John Rolfe are covered in the secondary grade levels. Indoor and Outreach programs help develop skills in mathematics through mapping and navigational activities. STEM Education programs follow early advances in technology, sciences and mathematics that helped make the "Age of Exploration" and colonization possible. Environmental and Archaeological programs help show how cultures rise and adapt within their ecological boundaries.

Teacher Resources include topic-specific Workshops in partnership with various school districts, Virginia’s Farm Bureau and with Naturalists and with other living history museums. These resource sessions provide activities regarding primary sources, in-depth historical information and detail how to use museums in Project- and Problem-Based Learning.

Future additions to Henricus Historical Park include a 16th Century sailing ship, STEM Science Stations along a wetlands walkway, a new classroom and nature center, an A-V Theater and museum-type exhibits.

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