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Books and Online Resources

Liberty Fund publishes new authoritative editions of classic works in American History, American Founding and Constitution, European History, Law, and Economics. Most titles explore some aspect of the interrelationship of liberty and responsibility in individual life, society, governance, and economics. Priced to insure availability to all readers, Liberty Fund books are ideal for use in classrooms as primary sources and supplemental texts.
Liberty Fund also offers three online libraries to encourage discussion of ideas pertaining to liberty. The Online Library of Liberty is an internationally recognized, multi-award winning website offering some of the best humanities and social science content available on the Internet. The Library of Economics and Liberty, an online reference for economics, features an online Concise Encyclopedia of Economics with more than 160 entries on key economic concepts and biographies of leading economists—a must for teachers and students of economics at all levels. The Online Library of Law and Liberty focuses on the ways liberty and law mutually reinforce each other, considering a range of foundational and contemporary legal issues, legal philosophy, and political philosophy.