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The eMapshop was created to provide great classroom cartography in a digital format. For years we have produced and sold traditional pull-down classroom maps. For the last ten years we have created those maps digitally with professional grade cartographic software. (GIS) Now we are offering many of those same maps in an easy-to-use digital software package.

COMPANY - eMapshop was founded in 2009 as a joint venture by “The Map Shop” in Charlotte NC, and “Globe & Map Shop” in Richmond VA. We offer a complete K-12 projection classroom map collection that includes over 700 maps for World & US History, Government, Earth Science, World & Human Geography, Foreign Language as well as interactive layered PDF and GIS World, USA, Continent and State maps. We also have inhouse cartographers to develop custom Regional, County or City maps.

HISTORY – Our digital map collection was introduced in 2010. We have worked with many educators across the USA during the past three years to revise and complete our content. As of September 2013, the eMapshop is being utilized in 34 States across the USA and over 450 Virginia schools including Fairfax, Arlington, Richmond City, Prince William and Spotsylvania County. We would like to extend a special thank you to the Supervisors of Social Studies in these counties for their invaluable contribution to the content of this unique digital classroom mapping program.

MISSION – to provide a cost efficient and flexible alternative to subscription on-line mapping programs with a custom designed package to fit specific curriculum or budget needs. We look forward to helping you in whatever capacity we can.

Features and Benefits
• Pay for it once and you own it forever
• This is not an on-line program – your package is provided on a DVD
• School site licensed package accessible to all Teachers and Students
• Simple menu system to select your map
• Large selection of tools & features with Adobe Reader like typewriter, highlighter, pencil and sticky notes etc. are enabled to give       you the opportunity to update and edit your map to meet specific curriculum or lesson plans.
• Speed – very fast layer changes and map appearance from menu
• Save your mark-up maps for future lessons or to include in Power Point presentations
• Print student copies- majority of maps are set up at 8.5”x11”
• Compatible with Smart Board or Promethean Board
• We can integrate any public domain digital maps into your custom package
• Over 700 base maps to choose from and the possibility to create the exact map you need for your lesson with thousands of layer       variations available in interactive layered PDF or GIS maps.
• Updates available upon request for only $99.00 per DVD

Pricing List, How To Order & FAQs